The end of 2014

At beginning, I thought this writing will only be saved on my “DH book” (it is like a note/diary/something like that/or neither), but it’s okay to be here, tiaranr blog. Okay, let’s get the point…

Tadaaaa, we meet the end of the year again. Truthfully, I am not a person who like celebrate new year, moreover with a party or firework. But, new year’s eve has always been a great time to contemplate.

The changed of the year always make me be nervous, because it means I have to mark my draft that had been made in early year. And againnnn, I destroyed almost all my plans that I made. I am a well prepare one, also a well destroyer of those draft list. This one year, in 2014, again I found many things, learned many things, added my philosophy learning. I learned so deeply about loyalty, total, do the best, humble, appreciating. Yeah most of them about sociality life. To be the first line of the rank. People that I met that taught me.

In 2014, my life was calmer. There’s no serious knotty like a years before. Shortly, I was so have fun. People around me have many unique characteristics, they are kind and some naïve 🙂 but they are so good to be my place to back, to learn, or just to get have fun. Although, caused by still same reason, on the late of the night will drop one two tears. Same worries. (written my poetry at recent). Just happened.

Romance? Hmmmm… it will be long story. Shortly, I got moved on, fell down, moved one, fell down again, and finally I used to. For this part in this year I will not forget it. It was worthy to remember! Just coz one reason that I couldn’t tell to anyone it wouldn’t pass smoothly. I couldn’t tell it, it’s not mean that I didn’t any reason. Everyone had each reason to pass through or leave it. Let it by. Let see later. By the way, recently I learned about “ta’aruf”. I accompanied my cousin in that process, I read book about it also. But I don’t know what it is for. Hahaha

This year is the last year for me to sit on the college seat as a student. Yeah next year I still a student, but not in the class anymore, but in the hospital. How does it sound? It sounds cringe for me, but it must be so cool. So I guess this writing is not only be a closing to this one year, but also to last 3.5 years. A girl, named Tiara has transformed in many thing for these time. From introvert to be extrovert. She learned to express what she think and feel. Tiara learned to be wiser and calmer what facing a problem through organizations and other activities. People that always stay around me might be not consider about these trivial things, but it’s proven when I got reunion with old friends. They will feel it and say something weird. What I should do. I was satisfied of course. Many things that I should pass through to breakthrough and learn it.

Last but not least.. 2014 à a glance but not wasting.

In 2015, I have some wishes to break some limit. Yeah you know I am well prepare one and I hope my skill to destroy those be decrease. Umm I will not write them here (@ DH book.) Let’s see what I can do. Good luck J


2 thoughts on “The end of 2014

  1. Happiness, sadness, or even tears are common in a thing called life. Just enjoy the life by your own ways so the life will look wonderful 🙂

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