Not Enough One

Sebelumnya gue mikir kalau gue telalu banyak temen deket, it means gue gak punya bener2 sahabat yg satuuu banget. Sempet mikir, gue tuh gak punya sahabat yang banget. Terusss, gue bingung kalau gue punya masalah gue tuh harus cerita sama siapa. I had too many friends in many ‘groups’ and communities. I thought.

But now seriously I consider YES I have many close friends. I really close with them. The true ones, they improve me to be better day by day. I thought, I needed them to be my way only, other word they just people in my life and passed away then. But I realized I was totally wrong, I really LOVE them. They will not pass only by time, they always valuable in my life. They make my life to be rich.

They are very KIND and GREAT people. WOW, at last I consider that I never get wrong people to be my VERY CLOSE friends. Because of them, I have felt to be appreciated, be very diligent, be very crazy, be very naughty, be very beautiful, be very nice, be very be loved, be very socialism, be very wild, be very ambitious, and being very grateful. And I NEVER felt be bad because of them, although at once. Yayy, I am talking about my lovely people since elementary school, junior and senior high school, until now as a student of college.

Yeah I am very grateful that I can meet those awesome people and they draw me to be one of their best friend.

So, why do you still think that you have to have one best friend only in your life when you can have many? Whereas you know a best friend is the most comfortable place that you have in your life and he is the one that can make you to be better in your life. That’s why you have to have many.

And now, not only be a theory but also I felt… not easy to make a long and valuable relationship, you have to REALLY LOVE THEM. I do.


(*caused by my low connection so I can’t upload any picture. Here they are, some pictures upload in insta @tiaranr)


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