Re: a posting


Sebelum lanjut baca, gue pertegas dulu, TULISAN INI CUMA TULISAN NYAMPAH –> galau mode on.

Walaupun sudah dimasukin ke kategori nyampah, gue cuma khawatir ada yang gak kebaca lantaran tulisannya yg menyemut (alias: kecil banget). Tidak berkepentingan, lebih baik tidak usah di baca.

Actually I am bit lazy to repost that writing, but after read a writing in someone’s blog (let’s just he/she is my old friend), and I thought he/she meant me. so I interest to answer that writing. (I don’t say it’s she or he)


I hate feel tremble when I read his/her writing, and shed tears unconsciously at every read his/her writing. He/she always write naively (red: polos), without any thinking. *sigh

I feel same. I also really miss you guys, both of you.. but do you know my reason to avoid both of you? The answer is because I feel afraid. You are my best friend (were), and you could read my thinking so well, sometimes better than myself,  and I don’t want to be read either yesterday or today by you. It’ll be better, you don’t need to understand anything, you don’t need to know.

Don’t guess anything about my past behave, please! I have many reasons for it. I have a reason that I don’t want you to know. Let it go… Ignore!

I can still become Tiara that you knew, a place where you can ask anything when you need. But please, don’t ask anything about past and don’t look at me with strange gaze (full questions) –> it’s horrible, you know!!! be calm down, past and now has different. I also want to be able enjoy talk with both of you more. but, if can’t, it’s okay. I can’t coercing. #cheers

mm… by the way, thanks for your coming in my page. You don’t need ask to get the answer from me, you just need read what I write =) and you’ll get the answer…


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