(Selamat Datang di Rusia)

Rossiyu (Russia), a country that is looming shadow in my mind. It was caused by a novel that I read sometimes ago. It’s written by Habiburrahman, Bumi Cinta. But now I won’t tell about its novel, but the background (place) of story. WHY??? The location that used is Moscow, Russia. He could describe Russia in so detail. Make a reader like to be there. Its breath, its temperature, its sociability, their builds, moreover we could feel its snow on our skin in the garden or street.

This country identical with luxury buildings and romantic country by its snow. Russia has been building luxury buildings since the second world war. As the main enemy of the United States at the time, of course Russia should optimize all fields of the country, including the building of luxury buildings and sophisticated public facility, so that until now the buildings are still maintained. It’s so cool and looks so glamour!

Although Moscow is the capital of the cold and snowy, but in fact many European residents who want to live in this city. As many move to this city, Moscow city turned into a metropolis with a total population of 9 million people (the order of the world’s 5th most populous).

After I had blog walking and web walking some info about this country, I became infatuated with this country. Even, I am studying some vocabulary language of Russia. Interesting! I hope one day I can visit this country to further study of life outside, or just enough to travelling and experience of snowing. I hope so…

Their climate is dominated by winter during five months from November to March, the spring on April-May, the summer on June to August, and autumn on September-October.

There, there is an old building in Russia, precisely the Russian capital, Moscow. The church called St. Basil’s Cathedral. Although it had old but I swear this is really cool old building. Initially, I think it’s like a recreational park like a doll palace, but apparently this is a church.

On snowing night

There is also a sculpture that symbolizes the might and the struggle of women in Russia. This statue is the tallest statue in Russia than the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Mother Motherland Monument, Mamayev Kurgan, Volgograd.

 Then, place that the most visited by tourists, the lovers of skiing and snowboard when the snow season is Elbrus, this mountain is the highest point in Russia and some people believe that it is also the highest point in Europe.


I will be there one day to learn ski and snow boaring 🙂

(good bye and see you)


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