Almost people like a surprise. Surprise is a gift or present that is always given with different way, unique way, that’s usually given by special or beloved persons. Instead almost people don’t care with how the expensive or big the present is, but the more valuable is their concerns of you. It’s far more valuable than at all.

Especially for girl (teen), surprise likes a BOMB in her night maybe. Hahahaha… Well, it just a pleonastic

*BoMbAStiC %$%@&^+%)$!^)$#*^!

Yesterday, I just cleared up my rack. And then I found some dolls. I just remember that all are gifts from my friends and daughters when I was SHS. They looked so dirty. I had left them in my room, whereas I lived in Palembang. Oooh  how poor they are!  Whereas they like an album that save many memories and fresh shadow that remember me about them, right? (trit… trit… Galau Detacted. yalks ) Yeah, even though  I’m not a girl that like play a doll, but I’m a girl that like beautiful things. Dolls, not so bad moreover it’s a real type of their concern to me, right? 😉

So, to appreciate it

I intended for take their picture, and posting here (caused there are many surprised that I received, on this occasion I would just posting about the dolls….

dolls… dolls… dolls…


*well, enough

Here they are…


Thanks for its every year, at 18th  of oct 😀

The jokes who always be insane

They are from my sister

from the left one: kak vien, rizka, frisya and yuk rina

the last…

And…. The Most Surprises are……



Because, the left one that’s from my adopt sister, kak vien. It was given in my first year in SHS. So surprise she knew my birth day!!! Hhahaha… by the way , she had known as a tomboy and fierce girl  in school *peace my sista actually, she’s a very kind girl, beside that she’s so beautiful (it’s not only bullshit or so that I won’t scolded. IT’S TRUE, IT’S REAL, I SWEAR…) just take easy with her. She is also a prospective of doctor. Eventually, she’s to be my kind adopt sister until now. I gave it a name, Banana. So you can call it Ban or Nana. Anything you love...  Say Hello to my friend, Banana. Helllloooooo….

And then the right one, it’s from one of my friend. Why could it be so surprise???? Yeah, actually it’s a gift that he promised to me, but he just gave it in early this year, in the morning. I’m impressed…. He went to my boarding house, whereas we just met full night after we celebrated new year with others. That bad morning change to be better after it. Again, I was impressed after I knew he wrapped it by himself  😀 because I knew that he’d never wrapped its present by himself, above all usually I helped him to wrapped it for his girl friend, huh… TROUBLESOME   in beginning I said to him that I would give it a name that ***** ***** (sorry, not to public ) but after the long cogitation (really it’s short long time), I won’t. I gave it a name, Puppy. By the way he’s also a prospective of doctor. Well, at last I hope I can build the hospital which all their doctors are alumnus from 17 SHS (y) -> aamiiin -> btw itu maruk gak sih!? *who care

Balik ke ‘surprise’. Siapa sih yang gak suka surprise??? Ada banyak cara untuk membuat atau menemui surprise. Jangan salah, hari esok juga surprise loh namanya! Cuma terkadang surprise lebih identik dengan kesenangan. Bener kan??? Padahal dikejar anjing di siang hari, keselek mangkuk bakso, diputusin pacar, ketemu kawan lama, ketemu uang seribu di jalan, de el el. Tu juga disebut supriseeee….!!!


@click picture for zoom in


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