Yellow Jacket

Accepted in medical faculty unsri is my first target since I was accepted in SHS. Substantively, it’s my parent’s dream. I just try to make it be come true. I don’t know, what should I do if I didn’t pass on this faculty. Fortunately, I gave big thanks to the God, I was given a big chance to passed this faculty without test. It still like a dream, if that’s true, I don’t want to wake up more. Hhahahaha (I want to laugh. Let’s accompany me) *as a jobless person, maybe I have started be crazy 😀

Yesterday and today, test of snmptn was go on. I am so pleasure I don’t need feel so worry with all that strained situation. For all of my friends that join this test, I proud you guys, I wish you all the best. I believe God has prepared big something special for us.

This someday I did registration in that my new college. After bla bla bla… I went to here, there; took care of this, that; paid this, paid that; interviewed; healthy test; AND ALL THE BUSTLE 😉 Finally, it’s last day. You know, it’s last day 🙂

Today we also got almamater unsri, you know YELLOW JACKET. I could see the big appreciate of my friends’ face when we got that yellow jacket. It likes a evidence that we have gotten something that we wanted for a long time. So do I, I feel same. It makes us be aware that it’s all not a dream, it’s true, we get it! We felt same, said euphoria words, but just certain, it’s all not start of arrogance. We just say what we feel and hope all of our friend will feel same when they are accepted the announcement later. All of us have worked together for 3 years, we have done same things, it means we will accept the same result too, A SUCCESS. (amin)

After that, I came back to my house. Soon, I try my new almamater. When I see myself with this yellow jacket in front of the mirror, at the time I just thought, “Thanks God, You had helped me to make a part of my dreams be come true” Wow… 😮

Then, I hang up it on the back of the door of my parent’s room. I know when they go into their room and when they close the door, the will see it. (you’re brilliant, honey :p)

One hour later, they had returned from work. I just stayed at my room.

Precise conjecture!

After from their room, my daddy approached me, came to my room, and asked what my activity was today in college. Yeah I told it… and then my mom also came to my room and asked same thing. They also asked about that jacket.

Hmm.. yeah, I see that eyes. When they were dialogue with me, there was shiny something from their eyes, maybe it showed their pride to me.

I pleasure…. I pleasure make them feel be pleasure.

Thanks God

It’s great… 😀

*Alhamdulillah (Segala Puji bagi Allah)


*mm… tertarik buat berbagi cerita tentang pengalaman mengesankan atau pengalaman pertama kamu di kampus??? di tunggu ceritanya ya… and also don’t forget to share our first moment at ospek =)


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