Nice Holiday

Yeeeeey….. finally, the first fighting has ended. Yups I just ended my final exams. It means it’s time to H O L I D A Y…… yuhuuuuu 😀 aaaaaannndddd I had decided to came back to my house. I miss hate you Opin *it’s my brother’s cat’s name. It always annoys me when I was eating or sleeping (always!!!). Whereas it knew that I really hate it. I have already often said it, but it has not yet understood what I said T_T

For a moment I thought what should I do with this 3 days holiday. I have not yet gotten long holiday enough, because it just first step, right? There are many other steps that should I faced then, like intensive in course, snmptn test, UM in university, and other fighting list in strained note book who is had by every students in the world (?) Well, now I want to vomit, really! Hufft… whatever, how many days that I get, I must be enjoy it. It must be beautiful day. I swear… (ha? Ra, actually your words so excessive. No, I’m serious!)

Ok, first day I success fill up my holiday by stay turn in front of my beloved laptop, and the result I could write some papers. Oh yeah… it sounds great!

How about second day? Still I can say, it’s fun! It’s really fun!  I asked to my brother to accompany me to go to some place where I can take some photos. Hahahaha… 😀 well, today I don’t want too much words, let picture will tell us all about it! (Now Playing: Summer Parade by Depapepe).


Obvious there is a good place like this and it’s not far from my house!

(it’s my snapshot, beautiful isn’t it?)

  On the bridge. Don’t care what people said to me 😀

I swear…. I didn’t know if I was being taken a picture by my brother *innocent


Do you look that? I felt in Bollywood Cinema. Hhahhahahah 😀

*want dance with me????

In Corn Garden 🙂

*hurry up, before we are thrown by the owner with his corns

He’s my driver, oh no he’s my bodyguard, no… he’s my photographer, no no he’s my boy friend my young brother 😀

*he’s exhaustion

            Well, enough for today! It’s nice day…. Tomorrow I have to back to Palembang. I have to finish my job. Wish me luck ^_^


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