About My Blog :)


Learn by last experiences. I have had a problem with my friend is caused by a written in her blog, actually it’s not a problem, but at least it makes worse the situation. Therefore, I write this written to make clear the contents of my posting (avoid misunderstanding later). I confess that share our problems to blog or anything social network sometimes it makes worse the situation, but is it wrong? Personally, I just need small place where I can share all of my problems, my happiness, and my knowledge, because sometimes share them to a friend is not to be a good option (*yeah sometime).

I also want to say so sorry if there’s someone offended by my written. I don’t mean like that, I just try to translate what I am thinking and feeling to be a written. I also never forbidden whoever who want to read my written. Especially you, sorry if I have forbidden you to read my blog, I don’t know what the reason! Hahahaha 😀 so funny, it has published to public, it means the other people may read it, right!? With expectation we can learn from others. Oh ya, I have a friend who doesn’t want if her blog address known by me. Whereas she braves post it into her blog, it means, it’s free to be read by anyone, isn’t it? Then, I fare well to get it back, but she changed her blog address again, again and again. It’s foolish, I guess!

You or whoever who want to read my blog, I never angry, I was happy actually, but please…… don’t judge me just because my written. It just the other side of my world, different situation with the fact one! A small place where I free say anything that I can’t say it in the true life. Wait, wait, wait…. It doesn’t mean I have two life sides, guys! just have fun…!!! we life to feel happiness, not to opposite!!! LET’S SHARE 🙂


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