(What the Hell)

When do you feel so jealous with something or someone? It must be when you look someone has that you want, but you can’t possess it, or when you have missed something/someone that during for a long time you have had, but now they’ve gone (owned by others). Well, forget by word “something”! Let’s focus by word “someone”.

JEALOUS, as a writer I considered that (jealous) is bad characteristic, but no one can be blamed if she/he feels it! It means, she/he loves it. They don’t want miss it. Everyone has different emotion level. There’re view people will show up his that emotion by mope face or big screaming, but also not less people will try hide it (d*mn). (I choose the 2nd option: hide it)

Dou you know, how does its feel? It’s so torture, you can imagine that you have thousand of heart lining, and its feel like stab from first layer until the most deep in your heart. Moreover to just swallow your saliva in your throat, you can’t. Unfortunately, you can’t scream at time, you just stand up on your place… try keep your smile… try feel everything is ok… Coz if there’s someone knows about your sick feeling because of him, you will curse yourself! How stupid you are!

I’m sure it will end soon. Actually, this feeling make me be uncomfortable, you know! I have heard a suggestion: “when you really can’t endure it (jealous I mean), try to close your eyes and ears” huffft, I have tried it. But it’s futile….

You know, I considered it’s a nightmare and I am trying to erase it! I hope there’s someone help me to erase it!!!!!

My ways to flaunt everything is ok (maybe it can help you):

–          Never show up your “jealous” feeling in front of him (do not ever want to be pitied!)

–          Keep smiling (hey, you still have many other friends, guys!)

–          Act like usual, you can keep chat with him like usual (you can see how many changes have occurred. Although, I know you don’t want if there a change between of you, so do I)

–          Yah at least, you must think that there are still many that should you think than you just think about that your bad feeling. ok?

–          I know, you still want have her/him (maybe she/he is your boy/girl friend, your best friend, your sister/brother) to be yours. But if the condition ask “no” to you, you must remember, you can’t do anything! So do I, I can’t do anything! so STOP IT!!!


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