Hey, you.. You must be curious with the owner of this beautiful and fascinating blog, right? Yeah, I can see that… that’s why you are on this page now. Don’t worry, I will introduce me to you with so pleasure. Warning: say Bismillah before reading if necessary, because the narcissistic epidemic spread here!

I am not an extraordinary girl but I always try to be more than just an ordinary girl (‘klise’, I aware). Introducing me, I am Tiara. In my creation I always use tiaranr as my initial. If you find the initial with the same spelling and the arrangement of letters like that, it should be me! (Others? Just a plagiarism!) I am a student of medical faculty in Sriwijaya University (as in my dream). I am a veiled girl and I always to be grateful to God for it. Introduce me further:

1.      I REALLY REALLY REALLY  love drizzle, especially when it’s not just going to college or in a hurry to go to somewhere. Because it’s not something good to go to somewhere with wet dress, is it? yep.. In my opinion, rain something like a direct gift from God for us. And then when it fell on our hand, it likes something that invite me to speak, laugh, and be grateful 🙂 nice

2.      Recent, I love teddy bear doll with its all action. Moreover, when I see it wears stethoscope and white coat 😀 cool (hobby lama)

3.      I love telling. All of kind story and make dialogue with anyone can improve new experience in every aspect of life. (but see to point no. 11)

4.      I love having many friends.

There are many people said that not important to have many friends, as long as they are

always there for you. I am totally not agree!!! You have to had many friends and make them

tebak, yang mana akuuuuu???? 😉

always there for you.

I happy, I have many and they all always make me nice.

–          My close friends since JHS: tari ^^

–          My close friends since 1st grade in SHS: widi, ira, yuyun, and yesi ^^

–          My close friends that almost always hear my story (especially

when 3rd grade in SHS): tati, kiki, and kisti *missthemsosososomuch

–          My close friends that very very very “cacad” (sorry it’s not in your dictionary): deboy and ara *keepcrazygirls

–          My close friends in work: ira, hadley, and crv *boooo :O

–          My close frinds in college: rike, ewis, jubs, hiday, cims, amel, and adel

–        My close friend in others: memey, shella ^_* actually still many more…

Hmm… and you know, almost all of them still be (very) close with me B) I guess I will have many more 😉

(*yg potonya gak ada maap ;p)

5.      I am a big dreamer and I always happy do it ^_^

I can see myself in my visualization are being in snowing city (Moscow, Russia), on a gondola with sunset (Venessia, Italy), around the park and study there (USA, Japanese). Help many people, the children of the world. Awesome… just by imagine them, it’s felt like a real one and sure it will be come true (one day). Pray me…

6.      Surely it must be supported by a firm stance and disciplined. I try built it. (yalks) it’s difficult.

7.      I really love green view and night view

It’s as love as I love rain. It likes heaven for me. I have dream that I can stand on the high place (mountain maybe), so I can see the green view as long as I can see. Mm… and also from the beginning until now, I search crystal ball which contents therein night view (ahh, so sweet. But I haven’t found it. I thought that must be expensive) I hope there’s someone give me that. Hhahaha (amin)

8.      I REALLY REALLY REALLY love children :*

I like their face, I like their smile, I like their cry, because all of that they express honestly, so honest… their sincerity can make my feeling better ^_^

9.      Make other people be smiling is a plus point for my day!

10.  Filling my spare time, I really love reading (novels, controversy books, motivation books), writing (anything without deadline of course), travelling, blog walking, and watch movie.

11.  Moody-an. All depends mood. Don’t try to destroy it! ckck ^_*

12.  I hate with all the bullshit (read: omong kosong)

13.  Hmm… honestly, I can accept apology easily and sincerely, but difficult to me to forget his mistake. Never, I guess 😉

14.  (yalks) difficult to me to memories an address or name of street

mm… it’s so abashed behaviour. You know, I still often astray in mall, whereas I have gone there more than 10 times!!! I also often be mocked up by my friends, they said, “tiara… tiara… it’s so peculiar, you can memories many formulas and teory in your mind, but you can’t memories place of some place well!” *yalks

15.  18 is my favorite number

I was born on 18th, it started on 18th and there are many happy things happened on 18th. Sometimes I called it as my hoki number


            “Everyone has right to speak, laugh, cry, dream or just be silent. Don’t be stay like a God to judge other

Well, enough yep. To know me further, just be my friend and stay on my page ^^ Let’s share!


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