Resolution in 2011

Happy new year all! Welcome to two thousand and eleven. And good bye two thousand and ten! Maybe in the last year we haven’t yet been a perfect person or in the last year we have done something mistake or we have not taken something we wanted yet. But in this year, we MUST take it, we must be a good person. WE MUST BE….

So do, I. There are many follies that I ever done in last year. Yeah, foolish something I guess. I also haven’t yet completed my goals in last year. But at least, I think last year is fun enough to having fun time to pass away my teen time 🙂 and also I’m happy the beautiful year is closed with the beautiful closing too. Thanks God…

At the beginning of this new year, I promise to myself to be better than before. I have some resolution to myself, such as:

1. Get the best faculty in favorite university

Hmm… it means I should be, no I mean I MUST have good preparation to face it. Yeah, more exercises and get more motivations.

2. Get good score in this national exam

It means, I have to exercise… exercise…. and exercise….!!!

3. Get closer to Allah SWT

At least, I can recite QS. Yasin without reading the Qur’an and more often to read the Qur’an and its translation…. and then I hope I can more frequent to charity (amiiin) ok!?*

4. To be cheerful person

I sure that giving smile to everybody is a kind thing! Smiling can give you good aura to your body and to your mood. At least, when you’re sad, smiling can close it… so that other people will not able know with your problems.

5. Smarter to manage my money


6. Produce writing more than last year

I hope this year I can see my writing in public (newspaper, magazine, etc) at least 2 works…

7. Don’t care about other people’s opinion about me

It’s my own life!

Well, it’s a glance about MY RESOLUTION IN 2011. Hopefully in 2011 I can make come true all of my dreams and I can be what I want (amin) ^_^


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