Thank’s for The Worse One!

Dear the worse one,

Thank’s, have introduced me how feel of that stupid feeling (feeling where I can see that you’re the best one and the worse one)

Thank’s, have made me feel so stupid, because I’ve secreted that stupid tears

Thank’s, have made me look like crazy one, because that stupid smiling

Thank’s, have made me be aware that you’re inappropriate for me.

Thank’s, have opened my eyes that you’re a someone who are inappropriate for I hold out

Thank’s, have opened my mind that I’m too good for you

Thank’s, have made me be better after I know who you are really!

Thank’s, have made my view be more clear now, so that I can see my goal clearly again (the true reason what I stay here for) WITHOUT A SHADOW OF YOU AGAIN……..

But also thank’s, you had been my best friend, even though you are the person I’ve ever really hated


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