In my birthday…. :)

Wow, 17th? Really???? It means I have adult, doesn’t it?

In 18th of October, 2010. It’s so special day.  There some many surprises in this day, there are many…. I can’t explain how my feeling is right now.

Before this day I have made some wishes, I think I don’t need to say it (it’s written in my diary). In beginning, I  guess, I will never take it all. Because it’s so excessive wishes. Really excessive…

But actually, with my pleasure, I can say all of my wishes BE COME TRUE in this day. Oh Thanks God…. Moreover,  God adds my fortune. Ok ok, I will tell you one by one.

First, yesterday my family met me. They invite me to have lunch. After that, we’re travelling. I  was bought a book by my brother, you know that, it’s The Secret. That book is a book which I have reached for times ago. And then I accompany my little brother to play in Amazone. Have a nice day…

Then, I don’t know why, but I want to do it. I hide date of my birthday in facebook. Its aim is I just want to know, actually who care with me?? In beginning, just one of my friends that remember with a meaning for me of this day, Amel. It made me so disappointed. I thought, whether my decision was true or false to turn off the date of my birth day. Then, in school Cocon and Tati also say ‘happy bornday’ to me. Some hours then, my sister, Frisha met me to also say it and give me a gift.  In short, my decision is not really bad, instead brilliant.  With the way like this, I will know actually who care with me?? You know them, they are DITWY (Dipsi, Ira, Widi and Yuyun), Amel, Cocon, Tati, Frisha, Enan, Aisah, Tari, Randi, Adis, Rizka and Qisthy. And also all of my friends….

I also get the third wish. But sorry I can’t tell it, maybe just able I write in my diary J but really I’m happy when I know I can get it. Whoever ‘you’, I want to say thank’s a lot, you have been a special one in this my birthday, friend. Really……

Oh ya, I have told that I get added surprised, in this day I got prefect score in biology test and almost perfect in English and mathematic test. Thanks God. May it will be happen again in every my score test. Amin….

Thanks God, You have given me many gifts in this my birth day, moreover You have acceded all of my wishes.


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